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Why use F2C?

Unlike many other CCK's we create 100% Joomla articles, from the front-end with easy forms. With article templates you have control over the layout and which Joomla plugins you want to use.

experience simplicity yourself


F2C Search, F2C KML feeds and cutom plugins API are a few of the many possibilities.


F2C Pro has many more options & extensions. Most are used for making the creation of Joomla articles even simpler.

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"all through the Joomla FRONT-END"

Form2Content provides you with all the flexibility you need to take control over the content of your Joomla website. And what's more, it's done without re-inventing the wheel, we are 100% compatible with other 3rd party content extensions!

To try and sum all the possibilities in creativity and flexibility is difficult so hopefully this demo website will provide an insight into Form2Content.

Form2Content features(available in our FREE Lite version)

Form2Content Pro features


100% native Joomla articles

Form2Content creates native Joomla articles. Keep It simple and stick to the code. There are hundreds of modules, components and plugins compatible with F2C. … YOU decide which gallery, slideshow, Google map or video player you want to use ... some plugin integration examples


Front-end article manager

Your clients, friends or family can now add, edit and publish articles from the Joomla front-end. Simple, no html or plugin codes required, just write, upload images and save … What's more, no more Joomla back-end access required!


Publishing permissions

Users can create, edit & publish their own (or all) articles. Permission settings can limit rights on all publishing features. Administrators can see all in front-end. With our extra (free) plugin you can get e-mail notifications when an article has been added or edited.


Submission forms for articles

Create your custom article submission forms using many different field types. The result, your user (client) doesn’t have to know any html to publish articles … they can focus on the content as they should! Create as many content types as you like, each with it's own submission form.


Article templates for consistent layout

The data from the submission forms is added to article templates to create the Joomla article. This way all the articles will look the same and the user doesn’t need to know anything about the layout (html & plugin codes).


Smarty template engine, power in simplicity

Using IF, ELSE, FOREACH etc. makes your article templates dynamic. Use it for extra signs like “sale” or “featured” in your articles or change the layout depending on selections made ... lots of documentation and examples …. only your creativity will limit the possibilities.


E-mail notification

With the free F2C plugin users, administrators, groups or custom e-mail address can receive an e-mail message when new articles are created or existing articles are edited. Messages can be templated.


Free support, documentation & F2C forum

For both our free and commercial extensions we provide free support, a dedicated F2C documentation website and forum. Check out our JED reviews to see how our community has experienced the support.



Extra configuration settings to increase usability

F2C Pro extends usability with lots more settings including the option to hide fields & template selection from front-end users, create custom captions, set default publishing state, language & author selections.


More field types like file upload, multi-select list & geocode

15 field types and counting! Get all the data in an easy and foolproof way using the different types of fields. Find out about all the available fields in our documentation.


Menu link to submission form & ReCaptcha

With the addition of ReCaptcha even guest users can add (unpublished) content without spam issues. A link directly to the submission form can be made using the extra “F2C Form” menu view.


Required fields & category default options

By setting or limiting the default category choice in which the Joomla article is submitted the submission process can be simplified and made available to more users without thee risk of adding content to the wrong location.


Auto re-size image and thumbnail

Strungling with creating thumbnails? Let F2C help you. For each uploaded image you can specify the sizes of the thumbnail and the image. Find out all about using images in F2C here.


Build for F2C Extensions like F2C Search &F2C KML feeds

Form2Content Pro is compatible with our extensions F2C Search & F2C KML feeds. These are Joomla components which are linked to the data from the F2C submission forms. Please see the respective product pages for more information.


Extend F2C with our Custom Plugin system

Taking F2C to the next level. This advanced feature provides the ability for programmers to write their own F2C custom plugins (for Joomla) based on F2C submission form data and events. Read our documentation and download examples here.

F2C Search

Absolute searches based on Joomla article properties! Read about the many features and possibilities of Form2Content Search.

F2C Plugins

Auto metatags, custom SEF read more URLs, E-mail notifications

F2C KML Feeds

Navigate Joomla articles on Google Maps!