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Form2Content Extension

Form2Content Search

Search Joomla articles based on properties

You can use Form2Content Search to do ABSOLUTE searches (instead of keyword) on Joomla articles.

The search results are the article intro's and are shown in category blog layout style. The read more goes directly to the native Joomla article (in com_content). Of course the search results page uses the template override system so you can adapt it to your Joomla template style (just as I did on this demo website).

Try yourself!

On the right you see the Favourite Place Search. You will notice that the search options are linked to the form fields that you used to create your favourite place articles on this website.

Click on show results and you are re-directed to the Form2Content Search results page. From tere you can navigate to the different Joomla articles.

Available fields

Form2Content Search can be linked to the following F2C Field types:

  • Single select (checkbox or drop-down)
  • Multi-select (checkbox or drop-down)
  • Date field (absolute or convert to range option)
  • Text field integer value (convert to range or slider)
  • Text field values to drop-down
  • Databes lookup field (single or multi-select)
  • Joomla category
  • Joomla author

It's also possible to do keyword (free text) search and limit this to specific text fields including:

  • Joomla article title
  • Joomla meta description
  • Joomla keywords
  • Single line text boxe(s)
  • Multi-line text area (editor)

The F2C Search Module

The Form2Content Search module is linked to a F2C Content Type (Form). Options include displaying number of results, auto search, Item ID for results page and template override.

Favourite place search

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URL structure based on Joomla

Form2Content Search does not change the URL structure of the Joomla website. The search results page has a unique com_form2contentsearch URL based on the search criteria. The read more URL to the Joomla article is build using the Joomla router (yes also the new one). This is based on your menu structure.

Filtered article lists

What if I want to show Joomla articles based on a filter.... so like the search results page but without having to do the search?

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