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Frequently asked questions

How F2C works

Does Form2Content create Joomla articles?
YES, Form2Content creates 100% native Joomla articles. Unlike many other CCK's we do not create our own type of articles that you need other extensions for to navigate. We are 100% Joomla compatible.
Do you hack the Joomla Core?
NO we do not. Form2Content does not hack or override any Joomla core files.
How is the data from the form fields saved?
All data from the Form2Content article forms is saved in our own database tables. At the same time that data is combined with the layout from the F2C article template to create the Joomla article HTML. That in turn is saved in the Joomla com_content database tables.
What happens when I uninstall Form2Content?
Uninstalling Form2Content completely removes all files and database tables. There is no going back afterwards but we leave no stuff behind either!
Do Joomla content plugins work?
YES they do. You can add the plugin syntax in your Form2Content templates. We have many exmaples on our documentation website.
Does Form2Content work with Bootstrap 3, UIkit or other front-end frameworks?
YES. It is completely up to you on which CSS/HTML you add to your Form2Content article templates. We have many examples for UIkit and Bootstrap.

Purchasing & Support

Always a topic for questions and rightly so! Hopefully the questions and answers below will help you. We like to be transparent about everything so should something not be clear please let us know.
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