Create 100% Joomla articles with simple forms and no HTML knowledge!

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100% Joomla articles

We create native Joomla articles

Stick to the core, we create native Joomla articles!

Unlike many other CCK's, Form2Content creates 100% native Joomla articles. This means your other Joomla extensions, modules, templates and plugins will work nicely together.
For those more tech savy the way we do this is simple. Using custom forms we collect the article data (text, links, images etc.), parse this into our article templates and the resulting HTML is saved in com_content.

Article forms

Simple to use with endless possibilities

Create Joomla articles using a form instead of a WYSIWYG editor

Do you want to make sure each type of article has all the content? Using simple forms with many types of fields the user doesn't have to think. They simply fill out the form, upload the images and documents and click on save!
What's more, you can create as many forms for different types of articles. So your blog, profile page, product or porfolio page can each have their own form.

Front-end article

Simplified so nothing can go wrong

Login, click on new article, fill out form & save... that's how easy it can be

I don't want my website visitors in the back-end of Joomla. I don't want my clients calling me when they are managing their website.
Using the Form2Content Front-end article manager your users can manage their (complex) Joomla articles without any HTML knowledge. Using ACL you can determine what they can and can't do, and above all, no extra buttons and options to confuse them.

Article templates

Consistent layout for every article

Pre-defined layout so the user just thinks about the content

Each article should look the same, be responsive and not have extra white space. Using article templates you can pre-define the layout. The html and plugin syntax, but also logic like IF/ELSE all goes in your article template. The user just adds the content and doesn't have to think about layout.
Want to move a picture from left to right at some point? Just batch refresh all your articles after your change in the template.


No ftp, no media manager, just upload and save

Re-size, cropping and auto thumbnail creation

Adding images to your article should be easy! At the same time images should be cropped and thumbnails should be created. Let your website user upload, crop and save their image right from the front-end article manager. No ftp, media manager or any oter actions required!

20+ field types

add as many field to your forms as you like

Getting the correct article content in the right format

Getting the article content in the correct format is important. Using the many available types of fields you can get images, links, documents, lists, and much more data all correctly entered.
What's more, having all the article data stored in seperate fields in the database is very valuable as it's not just one block of html. Absolute searches of articles based on specific properties now becomes a possibility (as opposed to keyword search).

Many more features

The above list describes the core features. Of course there are many more features including the possibility to extend using different plugins and components. Please use the demo and our documentation to get a better understanding. You can download our free version and ask questions via the forum.
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